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      • Product Name:
        Wall-hung Lavatory
      • Size:
        Wall-hung Lavatory:w:900xd:580xh:294(mm)
        Lavatory Stand:w:400xd:155xh:70(mm)
        Decorated Cover:w:690xd:297xh:196(mm)
      • Installation Type:
        Wall-hung Type
      • Inlet Water Temperature:
      • Outlet Water Temperature:
      • Material:
      • Sensing Distance:
      • Water Inlet Requirement:
      • Color:
      • Remarks:
        The faucet is not included.
      • Technology:
      • The utility model has the advantages of convenient cleaning and sanitary.
      • The shape structure is easy to grasp and convenient for wheelchair users.
      • The plane at the front of the table is widened to facilitate arm placement and body support.
      • The shape of the lavatory makes it easier for nurses to get close to the faucet and convenient for nursing.
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