Safe, reliable water temperature means a more relaxing bathtime.

Temperature swings, solved in an instant.

Let's say a family member uses water while you are in the shower. This can often create a sudden, unwanted increase in the shower water temperature. SAFETY THERMO prevents this from happening. A coil made of Shape-Memory Alloy (SMA Coil) reacts instantly to water temperature change, keeping the temperature from rising.

Temperature control, 6 times stronger.

Our SMA coil detects water temperature instantly. Compared to a traditional wax type, it reacts to hot water 6 times faster (in-house comparison).

That Quality : Only TOTO

The graph shows water temperature and time. It is apparent that a conventional faucet experiences large temperature fluctuations. In contrast, the graph for SAFETY THERMO shows very little change, as temperatures are kept very steady.