Water environment renovation

In order to popularize water-saving knowledge, cultivate the consciousness of water environmental protection and water saving of the whole society to promote the development of water saving and environmental protection in China, TOTO (China) Co., Ltd. and China Environment Protection Foundation set up a special TOTO water environment fund in Beijing.

Over the 10 years from 2008 to 2017, TOTO water environment fund has carried out water saving picture poster contests and community environment publicity, rewarded water-saving innovation and creativity research, subsidized college students for community water environment protection practice, released college scholarships, built safe drinking water projects, trained teachers and volunteers, improved the people's production and living conditions of poor areas through project implementation, solved the drinking water safety problems of farmers and herdsmen and children, spread water environmental science knowledge, and cultivated the action capability for daily water environment protection of participates and benefited people.


For a long time, TOTO GREEN CHALLENGE have been regarding environment protection by cherishing the earth's limited resources as the foremost social responsibility, hoping that all staff are able to respond to this concept and engage themselves in each environment protection activity with enthusiasm to contribute their own effort to the society. TOTO also hopes that the long-term activities will affect more people, especially children, to cultivate their awareness of protecting environment and nature.