TOTO will provide free installation service for any Washlet product purchased.

From now on, free power supply renovation service is available for all customers who purchase smart toilets (Washlet, smart one-piece toilets and Washlet+) at offline stores and Tmall flagship stores of TOTO.

TOTO's professional service personnel will provide you with on-site renovation service with free basic renovation materials including sockets, power cords, wiring ducts, socket waterproof boxes, etc.
(Materials of special specifications and for special customer requirements are to be charged separately).
Product models with free installation and power supply are as follows:

For detailed product models of all Washlet products,click here
Click here for detailed product models of intelligent toilets (installation is only provided for the function part and ceramic base of wall-mounted intelligent toilets with installation instruction provided for the water tank)

Please call the free service hotline to confirm specific service areas of cities. 800-820-9787 (free for fixed-line telephone) 400-820-9787 (free for mobile phone)