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      • Model:
        TCF6531CS V6W
      • Product Name:
      • Size:
      • Color:
      • Flush Type:
      • Water Inlet Requirement:
        0.05MPa(Dynamic Pressure) ~ 0.75MPa (Static Pressure)
      • Power Source:
      • Power:
      • Flush tank capacity:
      • Water Heating Mode:
        Water tank
      • Control Type:
        remote control
      • Technology:
      • Separate water channel designed with one spray pipe containing three water outlets respectively providing rear cleansing, front cleansing and soft rear cleansing, secure and sanitary for use.
      • Spraying water on the surface after your seating, make the surface wet, and prevent dirt attached.
      • Warm seat controlled by the computer makes you feel warm in the winter, and the temperature can also be adjusted.
      • Before and after use, the nozzle will perform a strict self cleaning to ensure safer use.
      • Intelligent power saving function, minimizing power consumption, make energy conservation and environmental protection.
      • According to your preference set up the special personal function, to meet different people's demands.
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