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      • Series Name:
        NEOREST NX
      • Model:
        CS902 V3
      • Product Name:
        NEOREST One-piece Toilet NX1
      • Size:
      • Nominal Water Consumption:
      • Dual Flush Volume:
      • Toilet Water Efficiency:
        Grade 2
      • Drainage mode:
        Underneath Drainage
      • Flush Type:
        Siphonic Injection
      • Toilet Rough-in:
      • Water Inlet Requirement:
        0.05MPa(Dynamic Pressure)~0.75MPa(Static Pressure)
      • Power:
        Power: 840W
        Max Power: 1451W
      • Power Source:
      • Technology:
      • Prizes:
        • iF award 2018
        • reddot国际设计大奖 2018
        • Green Good Design Award 2018
      • The flagship intelligent toilet of Noster series, with a 360 ° seamless arc design without dead angle, contains healing feeling, radiates vitality and presents an elegant sense of tolerance.
      • The toilet cover is coated with special coating, so that the functional part is integrated with ceramics, and the toilet seat is designed with an ergonomic arc to ensure comfortable seating.
      • Double-efficient flushing system, water tank flushing plus pipeline direct pressure water flushing, double-effect superposition, forming two strong water flows, effectively reducing water consumption and fully cleaning dirt.
      customer service hotline: 800-820-9787   400-820-9787