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      • Model:
      • Product Name:
        Wall-hung Urinal for Children
      • Size:
        w:340xd:340xh:665 (mm)
      • Nominal Water Consumption:
      • Toilet Water Efficiency:
        Grade 2
      • Water inlet mode(s):
        Upper Water Spout
      • Flush Type:
      • Water Inlet Requirement:
      • Product Mix:
        Sensory urinal flush valve :DUE138PSK
        Urinal flange:TUP23
      • Technology:
      • Wall-hung design,adjustable height for installation to insure children's approach to the urinal.
      • Integrated handrail makes wall become more smooth besides easy cleaning.
      • 1.9L flushing system, low consumption.
      • Urinal sensors can be fitted for easy usage by children.
      customer service hotline: 800-820-9787   400-820-9787